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Jhoni 2015-10-15 18:45:02

It would be even better IF each video, photo and audio had the soaicl media share buttons and comments option in that window. One thing that is missing in such galleries is the ability to then.. share that piece of content. Displays beautifully but how does one make it super simple to share?

Marquis de Connaisseur 2012-11-29 19:58:17

Voting alert: cheater(s) at work! Paradize A's rankings are being manipulated! First of all: Paradize A is not my favorite model, but being a true Met Art fan, I can't accept that one person (or a very small group) is systematically manipulating her rankings, in order to degrade her in a really ruthless way. You want to know what's going on? Closely observing the ranking developement of of quite a lot of Met Art models - and frequently voting myself - I started to have my eyes on Paradize A's section last month, because her galleries were strangely low ranked (all less then 50 % +), while her model ranking showed almost 400 'thumb up' votes at the same time. During November, the ranking of her galleries slowly normalized, until all galleries were 'in the green'.Then - Saturday/Sunday (Nov. 24/25) suddenly a massive and highly strange input of 'thumb down' votings occured. Just have a look at Paradize A's ranking data (only negative votes counted): Model's ranking: -58 (Nov. 24) -73 (Nov. 25) -86 (Nov. 26) -117 (Nov. 27) -134 (Nov. 28) --- Ranking of gallery I: -48 (Nov. 25) -77 (Nov. 26) -92 (Nov. 27) -109 (Nov. 28) --- Ranking of gallery II: -47 (Nov. 25) -76 (Nov. 26) -91 (Nov. 27) -108 (Nov. 28) --- Ranking of gallery III: - 55 (Nov. 25) -84 (Nov. 26) -99 (Nov. 27) -116 (Nov. 28) Since it is highly implausible that about a dozen of persons independently and systematically started to vote against Paradize A at the same day, obviously one person or a very little group of two or three connivers has / have launched (respectively continued ) a smeary campaign in order to damage this model's presentation at Met Art, probably by using several computers / accounts to inequitably multiply his / their voting capacity. To cheat in order to push up the ranking of an admired model may be wrong, but somehow comprehensible and even pardonable; but someone, playing dirty tricks to intentionally destroy a models chances is - as far as I see it - nothing but a cowardly acting ratfink! As a matter of fact, such disgusting and shameless behaviour is not only an attack on the model in question (in the present case: Paradize A), but a slap in the face of every honest fan of Met Art, who is joining the votings, following the principle of 'one man - one vote'. Last but not least, it is affronting the makers of Met Art, who should be most interested in reliable results of their votings. Both the Met Art community and officials should be aware of those manipulations. Met Art fans must not ignore it! Keep alerted, fellows - and react! Dishonest 'haters' must be stopped, since we all have to ask ourselves: Who will be the next model under such an attack? Maybe, it will be one of YOUR darling favorites! Best regards Bernard, Marquis de Connaisseur

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